Grants (selected)

The Red Cell Distribution Width, a Potential Marker of Dementia Risk

Role: Principal Investigator

Summary: This project will explore the association between the red cell distribution width (RDW; a hematological parameter reported in the complete blood count) and three indices of cognitive aging (cognitive decline, dementia, and cerebral vascular ischemia) in two established cohorts of aging.

Exposure to traffic-related air pollution and disability in older adults

Role: Principal Investigator

Summary: The purpose of this NIH-NIEHS-funded project is to evaluate the association between exposure to traffic-generated air pollution and both incident disability and trajectory in disability within an established cohort of community-dwelling older adults.

Air pollution and cognitive aging among older women

Role:  Principal Investigator

Summary:  This NIH-NIEHS-funded R21 explores the association between long-term exposure to air pollution, specifically air particulates, and cognitive decline in later life among a large cohort of women.

Environmental determinants of cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease: a study to establish the feasibility and validity of telephone cognitive testing

Role: Principal Investigator

Summary: For this NIH-NIEHS-Center funded pilot study, we are developing a telephone-based cognitive assessment that can be used in research on Parkinson’s disease.